FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks for Agricultural Equipment

FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks

FieldMaster™ rubber tracks for agricultural equipment incorporate McLaren's proprietary SpoolRite Belting™ jointless belt system, which radically increases the tensile strength. The High Modulus - HM™, compound is the crucial factor to insure the transport of your machines full load at maximum capacity. McLaren utilizes Extra Wide Forgings - EWF™ System, which allows wider steel belting for overall increased track strength. The Extra Wide Forgings provide better stability.

Specially designed for harvesters, the RT-4 Compound provides greater UV protection preventing cracking and providing a longer lasting tear and cut resistant material. To prevent damage during sharp turns, provide cut and crack quarantine you can rely on the Double Edge System - E2™ System with tear resistant corners.

Download a FieldMaster™ Tracks Brochure (PDF) .

FieldMaster™ Rubber Tracks