Military Products

Tank Rubber PadsFor years McLaren has assisted construction contractors and equipment owners increase the return on investment in their equipment and become more competitive by reducing equipment downtime caused by flat tires and broken rubber tracks. The philosophy behind the entire McLaren product line is about extending the general capabilities of equipment beyond those of the original equipment manufacturer.

McLaren products are specially designed to increase productivity when working in extreme job site conditions containing debris, low visibility, and access difficulties, and where extra traction, floatation, and stability are required.

McLaren Bolt-On Rubber Pads for Armored Troop Carriers & Battle Tanks are true to the McLaren product philosophy of extending productivity in extreme working conditions. They have a specially designed rubber compound for greater tear and cut resistance. The rubber formulation has been specifically designed for extended wear and service life on both hard surfaces and sandy conditions.

McLaren presently develops pads for the extremely popular M60 Main Battle Tank Series, as well as the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and its derivatives.