McNOMER™ is the brand name of McLaren Industries’ high quality NR Carbon Black Master Batch and Rubber Compound.

McLaren quality system is controlled and checked at all stages of the production process, beginning with quality testing of all incoming raw materials to accurately weighing out all rubber components including polymers, chemicals, and additives,, to constant monitoring of the mixing line, through final product labeling, packaging, storage, and shipment.

McLaren R&D Lab is stocked with a full complement of test equipment to test and monitor the physical properties of our Carbon Black Master Batch and Rubber Compound throughout the production process.

Our mixing process is performed on Farrel Banbury Mixer (as opposed to mixing on a less effective kneader or roller mill type of machine) to insure a consistent high product dispersion rating, as well as to maintain exacting levels of product quality and consistency from batch to batch.

We specialize in the production of Carbon Black Master Batch and Rubber Compound and are an authorized vendor supplying rubber products to many companies who produce industrial rubber products.

Our Customer Service staff is available to work directly with your Product Engineers, Production Personnel and Purchasing Department regarding your specific requirements for rubber product formulations and compounds to meet your applications, manufacturing requirements, and time lines.

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