• You get it all!
    You get it all!
    Maximum stability, flotation,
    traction and tire protection
    for your skid steer loader!

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  • Maximum Traction!
    Maximum Traction!
    McLaren Diamond OTT is built
    for severe ground conditions!
    It bites into any surface!

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  • Safe on sidewalks!
    Safe on sidewalks!
    Drive on asphalt, concrete, and
    lawns without the damage
    created by steel tracks.

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  • Fully Rebuildable!
    Fully Rebuildable!
    Easy to install and inexpensive
    to maintain! Adjustable length
    with fully replaceable parts!

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Over-the-Tire Tracks for Skid Steer Loaders

The most economical way to turn your wheeled skid steer into a track loader.

McLaren Over-The-Tire tracks provide increased stability, flotation, traction and tire protection to your skid steer loader. The self-cleaning McLaren OTT™ tracks have the most advanced design of over-the-tire tracks available today. We use only high grade, manganese enriched steel for the base of the tracks and heat-treated, chromium-enriched steel pins and links making our tracks superior in strength and longevity. You won’t believe the difference in your machine's performance!

McLaren OTT™ Tracks are:

  • Available in 4 versions to meet your specific needs – Maximizer, Diamond, Magnum and Rubber
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance 
  • Fully rebuildableThe McLaren OTT systems offer interchangeable Magnum and Rubber Pads

McLaren OTT™ Tracks will:

  • Increase traction and floatation in adverse conditions such as wet grass, mud, clay, rock, sand, snow and ice.
  • Increase stability on side slopes and hilly terrains. 
  • Decrease down time.  
  • Increase your ability to complete jobs easier and faster.  

Maximize your skid steer today with McLaren OTT™ Tracks! 
Click on the "Skid Steer OTT" icon below to view and compare the various McLaren OTT systems available!

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