• Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    Terrapin Rubber Tracks
    The best all-around performer with
    the longest life in rocky conditions!
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  • Premium Quality
    Premium Quality
    McLaren has put years in R&D to
    create the highest quality rubber
    compounds and track designs!
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  • TDF Design
    TDF Design
    TDF avoids cuts and cracks.
    Get peak performance, more
    traction, and a smoother ride!

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  • NextGen TURF Tracks
    NextGen TURF Tracks
    Reduced ground pressure
    and lighter footprint for
    golf courses, parks, and
    other sensitive turf areas.
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  • Tracks for any model
    Tracks for any model
    McLaren makes rubber tracks for most
    makes and models of track loaders, mini-
    excavators, and many carrier vehicles!
    If we don't have it, we'll make it!

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Rubber Tracks for Track Loaders, Mini Excavators, Carrier Vehicles, and other construction and agricultural equipment

NextGen TDF and NextGen TURF track loader tracks are also available in non-marking orange compound.
McLaren rubber tracks are the most reliable tracks available for your machine. They integrate two advanced features:

  • Our unique rubber compound formula: Developed by McLaren, proven superior in OEM testing

  • Our SpoolRite Belting Technology: Uses a single, jointless, non-overlapping, continuous steel belt

Our rubber tracks are subjected to strict quality control measures throughout production, which ensures superior quality tracks that will provide excellent performance and longer undercarriage life.  

McLaren Industries has been in the rubber track business for many years. It has always been our goal to provide a reliable and cost effective solution for replacement tracks for a wide variety of compact construction equipment. We have a full range of rubber track styles and sizes that properly fit the vast majority of (smaller) excavators, track loaders, aerial platforms and dumpers. By choosing to purchase McLaren rubber tracks you will get higher value for your money while minimizing the risk of downtime due to track failure and pre-mature replacement. Our tracks are built to last!

  • US Patented
  • Manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. Certified by SGS SA, Switzerland
  • McLaren’s proprietary SpoolRite™ Belting Technology ensures the strongest track base in the industry.
  • Our slow cure production process enables the rubber to adhere to the links properly.
  • S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon forged steel links are highly resistant to breaking or cracking, unlike cast-iron links that are used by many aftermarket producers.
  • This combination ensures the strongest track base in the industry.
  • We produce a wide variety lug patterns that will meet your unique operational needs

 McLaren Rubber Tracks Maximize Your Machine!

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